Red Rocks and Rope Swings

We couldn’t leave Nova Scotia without a visit to the Bay of Fundy to see the world’s highest tides. While we could have explored the bay from several areas we had read great things about the provincial park at Cape Chignecto and decided to spend our last four days in Nova Scotia just outside of the park. Cape Chignecto is known for its foggy weather and while we did experience our fair share of fog we were also lucky enough to have some gorgeous sunny days in which to experience the park.


We tried to explain to the kids how in this area they would see dramatic changes in tides, with 100 billion tonnes of water flowing in and out of the Bay of Fundy on a daily basis. However, it wasn’t until our second day in the area when they looked out over the mudflats where the water was the night before that they really understood just how far the water retreats and then how quickly it flows back in again. Five Ball was particularly excited by the abundance of squishy, gooey mud that is left behind at low tide and relished getting himself completely caked in it.


We were all impressed by the striking beauty of the red sandstone formations know as Red Rocks. The rocks offered another lesson in geology as we learned about the collision of the plants, continental rifts, and the process of oxidation. The kids found these huge rock formations to be fantastic climbing walls and great places to relax in the sun. We spent most of a day watching them scramble along the rocks while we enjoyed the view as the fog lifted off of the bay.




On our drive to the north western section of the park Five of Hearts was happy to find a rope swing near the Eatonville day use area. After a few swings fully clothed back to the safety of mom’s arms she changed into her bathing suit and bravely took the plunge into the brook below. While Five String also enjoyed the rope swing he was more impressed by the quality and abundance of the skipping stones along the beach.



All in all Cape Chignecto lived up to its great reputation. The numerous outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, and hospitable surrounding towns make this a must see area in Nova Scotia.


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