Fives on the Pedal


After moving into our rental house on Prince Edward Island last week, we had one thing on our mind: biking.  The younger Fives had to part with their bikes when we left Maine this past spring, and they were very eager to get back on two wheels. We were thrilled to find out that our house was just a short drive from the famed Confederation Trail and that we could actually pedal to the bike trail along the Gulf Shore Way in Prince Edward Island National Park.


Our first few days on PEI were spent finding bikes for the younger Fives (our rental luckily came with two adult bikes to use) and locating a used infant seat and Trail-Gator. We wanted to be sure High Five and Five Ball could cruise the trails without having to pedal, so we had the infant seat installed on Five Spice’s bike. The Trail-Gator turned out to be perfect for Five Ball. Once mounted on the adult’s bike, it quickly and easily attaches and detaches from the child bike, allowing Five Ball to ride independently or with assistance without spending a lot of time switching between the two.


The section of the Confederation Trail we explored in York was simply lovely. It took us through forests and fields, and the slope was gentle the whole way. There were also benches and covered picnic tables scattered along the trail, and we took the opportunity to have a nice picnic lunch on a comfortable bench.


We liked that we could keep track of our distance through the kilometer markers along the way, which gave us a feeling of accomplishment as we completed our first 8 kilometer bike ride as a family. Five of Hearts did an excellent job cruising the trails on her own, no small feat on a bike with only one gear. We are thrilled to have many more opportunities to explore the wonderful biking on Prince Edward Island, and we can’t think of a better place to cycle as a family!



6 thoughts on “Fives on the Pedal

  1. That trail gator looks handy for the transition stages. I guess looking at your age gaps you expect to get a couple of years’ use per child?

    • Actually, as this is just a two month rental we won’t have the space to take any of the bikes or equipment with us going forward (except possibly the Trail-Gator). We basically were able to buy all the bikes and equipment for the price of a weekly bike rental on PEI, so our investment goes for 8 weeks instead of just 1.

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