Morning at the Market


One of our favorite weekly activities since arriving on Prince Edward Island has been visiting the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. Biking past fields of potatoes, squash, and wheat each day has given us quite the appetite for fresh vegetables, and with it being National Farmer’s Market Week (in the US, at least) we couldn’t think of a better place to spend a Saturday morning.


The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market is a busy place and has almost a fair-like feel. We picked our way past loaves of fresh bread and bunches of sweet basil to buy some no-spray lettuce and organic tomatoes and peppers. It was hard not to load up the car with fresh fruits and vegetables, but we tried to stick to the ingredients in our meal list for the week.


We couldn’t end our visit without a stop at the bubble wand vendor to blow some bubbles. Each of the younger Fives took a turn creating giant bubbles using the homemade wand and bubble solution.  Once you have seen a few of these monstrous bubbles, it is hard to imagine every going back to a traditional bottle and wand. A few bubbles later we were back in the car, a basket full of fresh PEI veggies beside us, counting the seconds until we would be home to start making lunch.


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