Pirates of Prince Edward Island


[We were fortunate to find out about the wonderful afternoon summer camps held by the Wyatt Heritage Properties in Summerside. We were impressed by how interactive the experience was for Five of Hearts and how much she learned about pirate life, food, and treasure.]

Five of Hearts: Hi. I am here to tell you about my experience at the pirate camp I went to. First a woman taught us a little about pirates. Then another woman dressed up like a pirate ran out of the house and screamed at the top of her lungs. She made us stand with our backs against the wall and she told us about herself and why she was such a fearsome pirate.


Then she made us go down onto the grass and we had to stand in a straight line while she chose our names based on things she saw on us. She named me “Smiley” because I smiled at her even though I tried to hide it. Then she taught us about how we got on a ship. It was called Throwing the Rope. We marched in a straight line to a rope. Basically, what you did for Throwing the Rope was take a rope and swing onto the ship.


After this was done we learned how to walk the plank. She had lots of other punishments, but this was her favorite. You would walk around on a thin board with your hands tied behind your back, your chin up, and your eyes closed. Then we went over to a shed where we painted our own treasure chest while she told us stories about pirates.Then we went and played some games. One of them involved setting up tin cups (the “enemies”) and throwing tennis balls (“cannon balls”) at them. We did it two times and each time I knocked down three.


Then we ate food. They served iced tea and gummy candy (which was supposed to be worms in rum). They also served pepperoni which was supposed to be rat meat and they also served crackers. After we ate we played another game which was called Getting the Biscuit. At the time when pirates didn’t have much food, this is how they decided who would get the food. You would put a cracker (the biscuit) in the middle of a circle of all the people. Then you would put one hand behind your back and put the other hand on your knee. When somebody said, “Ready, in your places, go!” you would reach out and try to get one of the crackers. By the time we finished the game, our treasure chests were dry.

The captain then gave us clues and we needed to work together to find the treasure. There were 12 bags of treasure that we had to find. I even found one of the bags. Then we put the items in our treasure chest and it was time to go. When I left the camp I felt like I really did have a pirate experience.

Five Ball (Age 4): While my sister was at Pirate Camp I went to Splash Camp. We went to sprinklers and shot our shovel up to the sky. I wore my shorts in the sprinkler. It was pretty fun. We then went to a playground and we pretended we were people from Tron [the movie]. While we were playing Tron we fought with our discs. When we left it was time to go and we picked up Five of Hearts. She showed us the treasure in her treasure chest. My day at camp was really fun.




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