Wind and Water at Work

On our honeymoon visit to Prince Edward Island nine years ago we were blown away by the beauty of the Greenwich site of the PEI National Park. We have carried memories with us of a fabulous day spent exploring the interpretation center and trails leading to the stunning parobolic dune system. Yesterday’s gorgeous weather granted the perfect opportunity to bring the younger Fives to the National Park at Greenwich and share with them the beauty of this place.


We began our visit at the Greenwich Interpretation Center where the kids were super excited to pick up “Parks Canada Xplorers” workbooks and check out all the great exhibits. This is the best interpretation center that we have been to at a Parks Canada site, with a fabulous multi-media theater and many interactive exhibits. We all learned so much about the natural environment of Greenwich and the human connection to the area.


After a picnic lunch we were ready to hit the trail out to the floating boardwalk and the dunes. For families with young children we recommend riding your bikes along the access road to the start of the Dunes Trail and leaving them at the bike rack. From there you can continue on foot to the boardwalk. We wish that we had done this but luckily the raspberry bushes along the very flat and very boring (say the younger Fives) access road made our walk a little bit sweeter. Once on the actual Dunes Trail the kids boredom was abated by the woods that led to the floating boardwalk. They loved the interpretive signs and we spent quite a while searching for plants and animals along the wooded trail and boardwalk that led to the dunes.


As soon as we reached the middle of the boardwalk the views of the dunes were spectacular. Formed by the blowing winds and constantly changing they are a breathtaking sight. We all kept a lookout for any signs of Red Fox, which make their dens in the dunes. After a steep climb up the boardwalk and over the dunes we were greeted by the roaring waves of the ocean. The kids couldn’t resist its’ call and within a few seconds they were all out in the water riding the waves.


On the return hike we took advantage of the the well placed benches along the boardwalk to have a snack and look for seabirds fishing in the fresh water pond. It was hard to stop taking pictures of the scenery, but we reminded ourselves that we have a set of these pictures from our honeymoon and just sat back and enjoyed the view as a family.



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