What WildAid Means to Me: A Post by Five of Hearts


A couple of days ago I joined an organization that helps K Species called WildAid. In homeschool I was learning about population growth and carrying capacity. K species don’t have many babies and they are the ones we need to protect. Since they don’t have a lot of babies it takes them a long time to have more so the mother will probably die before she has more babies. If that happens then the species will eventually go extinct. And also if the mother dies the baby will die too because it takes them longer to be independent and able to fight. R species are a lot different. They have babies more quickly and in lots of numbers. The babies are ready to leave in a couple of weeks or days, and they don’t need as much care.

WildAid is an organization that cares about lots of K species. It is helping elephants and speaking for them so they don’t get killed for their ivory. And they are also making sure that sharks aren’t killed for their fins. Now, in different places they have made laws to make it illegal to have shark fin soup. So please don’t buy things with ivory in it and don’t eat shark fin soup.


The main reason I decided to donate to WildAid is because I was setting my mind on trying to find an organization about polar bears.  I have a stuffed polar bear named Squish Bear that I really like that gave me a connection with polar bears. Polar bears are also a K species, and they are very endangered too. They are endangered because global warming is melting ice so they don’t have much of a home. They are the species that is maybe in the most danger right now.

About 2/3 of the world’s polar bears live in Canada, where I have been living for the past couple months. I have seen many of the animals that live in Canada and want to protect them. I am hoping that after you read this post you will try to protect K species and the animals of Canada too. One easy way to help is to sign the Polar Bear Pledge. Thank you.


The creature that you see is a polar bear. The blue is the ocean. The yellow at the top and bottom of the picture shows that ice is melting. And if you go above the yellow at the top that is the glacier.

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