A Kid’s Fall EcoJournal

As the cooler temperatures blow in and the beach goers head home it is hard to deny that summer is over. Our own children are back to a more full time school schedule and flocks of Canada Geese keep flying over the house reminding us that fall is here. Even though we will miss beach days and berry picking we are all looking forward to a new season and exploring what changes it brings to Prince Edward Island before we head west to Montana.


The Younger Fives are particularly excited to begin using their copy of A Kid’s Fall EcoJournal. This wonderful book of nature activities is written by Toni Albert and published by Trickle Creek Books. The 56 page EcoJournal provides a great foundation for exploring fall through a variety of activities that emphasis observing, drawing, writing, and thinking about the natural environment. This particular journal will take the kids up until November 30th and they are very excited to see how many different states/countries they will have explored during that time period.


Today was the kids first foray out after reading over the EcoJournal introduction and beginning the first activity: find a special, nearby place to observe nature. They choose to visit the Reeds and Rushes Trail in Prince Edward Island National Park as it has become a favorite place of ours to bike to and spend time outside. It was a rather cool and blustery day, just perfect for thinking about fall and what changes it would bring. 


The best part about Toni Albert’s Kid’s EcoJournal is that she created one for each season. So, if you don’t have time in your schedule to complete the fall activities you can pick up a copy of the winter, spring, or summer EcoJournals. Or better yet if you kids can’t get enough they can complete the entire series. What a great way to fully investigate the changes and differences from one season to the next in the natural environment.


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