Biking by the Bay

So far all of our bike trips along the Confederation Trail have been wonderful. However, our absolute favorite so far was an excursion along St. Peter’s bay on the eastern section of Prince Edward Island.


The Confederation Trail from St. Peter’s to Morell runs directly along the bay and features three bridges that cross over rivers entering into the bay. The scenery along this stretch is truly fantastic with great views of the mussel production/aquaculture industry that takes place in the bay.


Apple trees and raspberry bushes along the trail provide a heavenly scent and a yummy snack this time of year. We were also fortunate to see some fabulous wildlife along the way. The highlight being an osprey with a fish in its clutches being chased by a bald eagle. The osprey got away with its lunch and as the bald eagle doubled back towards the water it flew directly over our heads.


The Younger Fives particularly enjoyed exploring the bridges along the trail. For a family with young kids they provide a great rest stop and an interesting diversion from pedaling.



We highly recommend a ride between St. Peter’s and Morell to anyone looking for a nice outing along the Confederation Trail.



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