The Fives’ Favorites: PEI Edition

With our two months on Prince Edward Island coming to a close this week, we’ve been thinking back to our favorite experiences on the island. Here are a few of the things we will miss as we start heading west toward Glacier National Park in the coming weeks.

Five Ball: I liked Highland Storm, the show with the bagpipes. It was pretty cool. There were dancers and drummers, and it was a lot of fun watching it. All the dancers were my favorite part.

High Five: Biking. I liked blackberries, cows and the geese [off the Confederation Trail]. I want to go biking again!

Five of Hearts: My favorite thing was the Pirate Camp I went to. I liked all the activities like swinging on the rope and making treasure chests.

Five String: Exploring Robinsons Island was the highlight of my time on PEI. The day really had a castaway feel. There was nothing like the excitement walking through a winding path in the woods and suddenly emerging on a beautiful empty beach.

Five Spice: My favorite experience on PEI was exploring the sand dunes at Greenwich. I loved seeing the excitement in the Younger Fives’ faces when they reached the top of the final sand dune and rushed down to the ocean. It was certainly a swim we hadn’t planned for, but one we will never forget.

Honorable Mention: We all agreed that Orwell Corner Historic Village was a delightful day. From carriage rides to candle making, we all learned so much about life on the island a hundred years ago while having a lot of fun!


3 thoughts on “The Fives’ Favorites: PEI Edition

  1. It was great chatting w/ you @ Amy & Verena’s farm (The Heartbeet Organic Girls) a couple of Sundays ago. Sounds like you had a fun filled time on little old P.E.I. What a great way to educate your children. Safe Travels!!

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