Stanton Lake Trail: A Hike in Pictures

Here in Montana last week the weather couldn’t have been better for hitting the trail to get in some fall hiking. On a warm sunny day we headed east on Route 2 to the Stanton Lake Trail. If you are in the Glacier National Park area the trail head is just about 16 miles east of West Glacier village, just after mile marker 169. While the beginning of the hike is a bit steep it levels out into a nice gradual hike that was the perfect length for the Younger Fives. However, if you are looking for a longer hike you can connect to other trails along the way. Of course the lake was a huge hit with the kids but they were even more excited to explore the natural dam of logs at the far end of the lake. The weathered logs over the slowly streaming water made a made a perfect place to sit in awe at the gorgeous surroundings. This is definitely one hike outside of the park that we would highly recommend.











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