Goodbye Glacier, Hello Yellowstone


Our last day at Glacier National Park.

Living a life on the road is always full of surprises, and our time outside of Glacier National Park was no exception. The government shutdown closes the park the day we arrive in West Glacier ready to drive to Logan Pass, so we make the best of it and spend the next two weeks exploring other public lands in the area. We then finally get back into the park ready for two weeks of hiking and exploring only to learn that the internet at our month-long rental cabin crashed and will take weeks to repair.


The Roosevelt Arch at the Northern Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Since we work entirely online, having wireless internet is a necessity. Therefore, we quickly realized that spending the rest of the month in our cabin was not going to work, and we scrambled for a new plan. Out of the panic emerged a pretty darn good idea: spend the final days of October in Yellowstone National Park. So with little notice we packed up on Sunday morning and headed to Gardiner, Montana, the north entrance to Yellowstone.

While we are looking forward to some quality time with bison and Old Faithful, we’ve learned that when it comes to travel in general and October in particular, you just never know.

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