Junior Rangers Rule

A post by Five of Hearts and Five Ball

When we went to the Mammoth Hot Springs Visitor Center we met a park ranger who told us about Yellowstone’s Junior Ranger activity book. The activity book, which looked like a big newspaper was lots of fun. There were many activities that taught you all about Yellowstone National Park. Some that we liked the best were coloring a hot spring and looking for animals in a maze. We learned about the temperatures of hot springs and how a volcano erupts.


As part of the activity book we also had to pledge to protect Yellowstone and teach other people to protect nature and respect animals. Another thing we had to do was go on a hike. This was easy because we went hiking everyday. When the activity book was done we returned it to a ranger at the visitor center. It was fun to talk to her about our visit to the park and how hard we worked on the activity book. She had us promise to teach others about Yellowstone and she gave us our junior ranger badges. We are so proud to be junior ranges so we can help protect nature and help out in the park.


There was another activity that we worked on at Yellowstone. It was an animal spotting check list that a ranger gave us the first day that we entered the park. For every animal you saw you got 10 points. On our visit we did really well. We saw: Bison, Coyote, Trumpeter Swans, Wolves (through a spotting scope), Mule Deer, Elk, Pronghorns, Bighorn Sheep, Ravens, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Geese, and Moose. We were surprised that we saw so many different types of animals. Now we want to go back and try and see wolves up closer, without a spotting scope.

Yellowstone National Park is a great place for kids! You can see so much and have fun in nature!


2 thoughts on “Junior Rangers Rule

  1. very cool. Did you do anything for halloween? When we went to Zion National Park, we were going to do the Jr. Ranger thing, but the guidelines were fairly strict and you had to sit through a ‘talk’ by an ‘expert’. Um, no. We’re here to hike! Didn’t stop us from buying Jr. Ranger pencils at the gift shop and enjoying the booklets, though! Are you going to hit So. Utah?

    • On our way out of Yellowstone we stopped in Lava Hot Springs. Finally getting to swim in the hot springs (instead of just look at them) was a huge Halloween treat for the kids. We won’t make it to Zion this trip but we will stop and explore Bryce Canyon before heading down to Arizona. By the way your Burger Rain photo shoot is awesome. Your boys must have had a blast!

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