A Bit Too Grand

Driving from Bryce Canyon to Phoenix, Arizona we seriously debated whether or not we should stop by and visit Grand Canyon National Park. Five String and I had both previously visited the park and we knew that there wouldn’t be many activities suitable for the Younger Fives. While they are excellent hikers they are still too young to hike down to the canyon floor and back in one day and our schedule didn’t allow for a multi-day backpacking trip. We also knew that they were too young for any rafting or mule trips.


Well, we decided on the “now or never” or “just in case” approach and made the detour to let them view the park and the colossal canyon for themselves. It turns out that we probably should of saved the gas and visit for another time. After seeing the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon really did nothing for our kids. They said that it reminded them of Disney World with all the shuttle buses, tourists, gift shops, and hotels. I guess after being in more remote national parks we should have prepared them for the developed feel of the Grand Canyon. We tried to get them away from the crowds and had them hike a good deal of the Rim Trail but the pavement and visibility of the road didn’t really help. So, after a while we hopped on a shuttle bus which made High Five (a wannabe bus driver) extremely happy and then enjoyed a picnic lunch as we watched the slew of other visitors and marveled at what it must be like to visit during the busy season. Five of Hearts says that she would like to come back when she is old enough to hike down to the river and maybe over to the North Rim. When the time comes we will see if she can rally the rest of the Fives to give Grand Canyon National Park another go.



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