Groceries in a Different Language


The first order of business after settling into our three week rental in Mulegé, Baja California Sur, Mexico, was to stock up on groceries. On a typical day grocery shopping is a homeschool opportunity to read product names and compare unit prices,  but here in Mexico the learning reached a whole new level.


Shopping gave us a chance as a family to put our ever-improving Spanish to good use. We tracked down bebida de soya (soy milk), piña (pineapple), arroz (rice), and almost all of the staples of our diet we are accustomed to. And we were pleased to find our food dollars stretch much further in pesos than they do in the U.S.


All that shopping somehow gave the Younger Fives more energy than they started with, so they were happy to put on an impromptu dance show in the gazebo of the town square. Five String and Five Spice, for their part, were more than happy to enjoy the routine from a shaded bench, soaking up the heat of a tropical autumn day.

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