Feliz Cumpleaños on the Beach


Five Spice and I have always enjoyed the fact that our birthdays are only a day apart, and we usually stretch the festivities out in the form of a weekend getaway or mini-vacation. Originally hailing from Vermont and Pennsylvania respectively, we feel very fortunate that this year we are spending November in a place with an abundance of both heat and beautiful beaches.


For two straight days we had mornings of wonderful birthday dishes and desserts, and afternoons splashing in the warm waters of Bahía Concepción, outside of Mulegé. While we spent a lot of time this summer on the beaches of Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, the ones here in Mexico are a whole other experience.


We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to hear Feliz Cumpleaños in a place as beautiful as Mexico.


Aside from the Feliz Cumpleaños song, we’ll associate this birthday with the song playing in the car as we drove to the beach on our birthdays (traveling with children, songs tend to get played over, and over, and over again). We hope it inspires you to set out on adventure of your own, no matter how small!


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