Birds of Baja

Since arriving in Mulege, Mexico our animal spotting skills have switched over from trying to pick out big mammals (bear, elk, wolves, etc.) from among the trees, to identifying the abundance of bird species that make the Baja Peninsula their home. Our morning walks along the Río Mulegé bring us within feet of Pelicans, Heron, Egrets, Osprey, Gulls, Turkey Vultures and Ducks. So far we have all enjoyed observing these flying species and especially like watching them catch their morning fish. It has also been a nice change of pace not to have to worry about running into a bear or being charged by a bison. However, Five Ball can testify to the fact that it is still a scary experience to have a pelican decide to drop down from the sky and fish right where you are swimming!


Pelicans commandeering a boat along the Río Mulegé.

Egret fishing in Bahía Concepción.

Egret fishing in Bahía Concepción.

Ducks feeding in the Río Mulegé.

Ducks feeding in the Río Mulegé.


Five Ball swimming in Bahía Concepción while a heron fishes close by.



2 thoughts on “Birds of Baja

  1. Thanks, guys. So enjoying your posts from Mulege. I just got back to Phoenix from there, so probably just missed you. Buying a house there to relocate permanently in the coming months, so your blog posts are keeping me in touch in a nice way. BTW, however, I think although it is colloquially called Mulege River, it is really the Rio Santa Rosalia.

    • We actually were in Phoenix to visit family before we headed to Mulege, so we must have just missed you there as well 🙂 We are really enjoying our time in Mulege, and we can see why you would want to relocate there permanently. Thanks for the info on the river name!

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