Nine Innings in Shang(r)i-La


During our travels we have found some of our best times have come in the least likely of places, far from the popular attractions. We had such a time the other day while walking along the dirt road by the river in Mulegé. Heading to a large open space by the airfield to play baseball, we ran out of steam and stopped to rest by an empty lot named Shangri-La (or Shangi-La depending on which sign you read).


We soon realized this stretch of dirt from the road to the gates of the yet-to-be-built development would make for a pretty good field. So we made four bases out of straw and got down to the business of baseball.


DSC01420-picsayWhile all the Fives took their turns at batting and playing the field, High Five really found his calling when the ball went through the tall iron gate leading into Shangri-La. While we couldn’t go over it, around it, or through it, we quickly found out that High Five could go under it. Every time the ball flew out of reach, he flung off his hat and eagerly squirmed under the gate to retrieve it. A finer ball boy we’ve never seen!


However, the baseball was not the only thing to disappear over the iron fence. While retrieving an outfield fly, Five of Hearts’ bracelet got snagged on the top of the fence and soared onto the other side. Not to be outdone by her brother, she scrambled over the fence and after 10 minutes of determined searching, found the bracelet and jumped back into the game like a pro.


We really couldn’t have asked for a better field. It was just the right size for us and had wonderful views of the pelicans fishing in the river across the road. Since it seems like the development at Shangri-La has not taken off yet, and in exchange for turning a blind eye to several counts of unintentional trespassing, we wanted to do our part draw attention to this lovely real estate opportunity. So, whether you are looking for a little piece of paradise or your own Field of Dreams, Shangri-La might just be the place for you!



7 thoughts on “Nine Innings in Shang(r)i-La

  1. We love Baja. Are you continuing to head south or staying on the inside coast of the Gulf there? We stayed in Bajia Asuncion for 2 weeks – great little town on the Pacific Coast south of Guerrero Negro. Let me know if you want more info. :)) Maybe we’ll see you down there sometime.

    • In about a week we will keep heading south to La Paz for 4 months. We almost decided on a rental in Bahia Asuncion and will probably try to spend a little time there on our way back up to the States in April. We are really loving it here, and there is a chance we might bump into you down here sometime 🙂

      • Sounds great~ We were supposed to head down after Thanksgiving but my husband had to go back to Ireland for family stuff. We love it there, nice to read about other families enjoying Baja! I look forward to reading of your adventures.

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