Beaching It in Baja

DSC01484-picsayStarting about 10 miles south of Mulegé you will find the amazingly beautiful Bahía Concepción. The sand beaches and lovely blue water of this 20-mile long bay embody that ideal picture that most people have of a “tropical beach get-away”. In fact many RVers return to the area year after year to spend the entire winter camping along the water.


As a family the beach is one of our favorite places to spend a day and so far the beaches of Bahía Concepción have not disappointed. While there is some litter, overall we have found the beaches to be so much cleaner than those in Key West. In addition the water temperature, while warm, is still nicely refreshing this time of year. The Younger Fives love the shallowness of the water and the variety of sea shells dotting the beaches. While they do miss the wild waves of Prince Edward Island they are beginning to appreciate the more “relaxed” feel of Bahía Concepción.


While we haven’t found a complete guide to the area, there is some information out there describing the various beaches of Bahía Concepción (we suggest this write-up). There are several beaches that are packed with seasonal RVers, and other more secluded spots that can only be reached with an off-road or similarly tough vehicle. In our opinion, the best thing to do is check out the entire stretch of the bay for yourself. On the drive you really get to appreciate the awesome beauty of Bahía Concepción and survey the options so that you can pick out the beach that is just right for you.



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