Palapas Are Not for Climbing


Sometimes the strangest phrases pass through your lips when you are a parent. Words that have no business being together like “Be sure to thank the Viking” (from our time in Newfoundland) can seem perfectly sensible in the moment but then make the logical part of the brain cry foul just seconds later. One such unlikely phrase came to pass yesterday on our trip to Playa Requeson in Bahía Concepción.


We had seen Playa Requeson from the road the first time that we drove along the bay, but as there was construction on the turn-off down to the beach we hadn’t actually been able to visit. The sandbar from the beach to a lovely island caught our attention, and we vowed that we would return. However, when we headed back yesterday for a second attempt, the construction was still underway and a sign directed us to access the beach via a different road about 1 km down the highway.


The detour road was not kind to the Mazda5. The half mile dirt road was a mix of fairly deep sand and rather large rocks, so we traveled at a crawl crossing our fingers that we would make it without injuring our beloved minivan. Fortunately, our car arrived at the beach in one piece, and the Younger Fives has a blast splashing in the wide sandbar stretching out to the island.


Soon we retreated from the gusting wind into an inviting palapa. We warmed up and snacked a bit. This is when Five Ball regained enough energy to try climbing up the driftwood and palm leaf frame of the shelter. The likelihood of an imminent palapa implosion seemed clear enough to the Older Fives, but the logic was lost on Five Ball. Everything looked sturdy, so what harm would climbing do?


We realized this was the perfect moment for a life lesson in reason and common sense. “Palapas are not for climbing,” Five String explained, and threw in a “There’s a time and place for everything” for added effect. Five of Hearts soothed things over with her newest creation, driftwood music, and soon Five Spice pulled out some plastic Easter eggs (a gift from our friends in Mulege), put them into her hat, and sent them flying into the air with a solid whack of her hand. No Five Ball, climbing up a palapa makes no sense, so why don’t you try catching flying neon Easter eggs two days before Thanksgiving? Let’s just say that even in the moment, a part of the brain was screaming in protest.


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