This Boy!

High Five turned three yesterday!!! Sunday was a long day with driving to La Paz and moving into our new rental house, so we were a bit anxious as to how his big day would go. However, it ended up being a wonderful celebration and our new three year-old had a blast.


He requested orange chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and fried rice with tofu for dinner. Luckily our wonderful friend in Mulegé gifted us with a package of tofu just before we left, which made High Five very happy. For his dessert he wanted a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. I tried out this super yummy recipe for vegan chocolate cake and Five String made a superb batch of vegan vanilla ice cream with our Donvier Ice Cream Maker. Yes, with our limited space we travel with an ice cream maker. Even vegans have to have their ice cream, especially on a birthday. Needles to say after all that sugar we did a lot of dancing and jumping around after balloons!



Since the day he was born Five Ball has been our “Do it his own way” guy and he continues to amaze us all with his confidence and persistence (even on those occasions when we wish that he wasn’t quite so persistent). As the youngest he does a great job keeping up as we travel and explore the world (often while missing out on nap time). While the rest of us Fives might be shy and hang back a bit, High Five knows what he wants and he goes after it. You will never find this boy going along with something that he doesn’t like, or being stopped from achieving his goals. So, in celebration of his birthday we present Kermit the Frog (one of his favorite Muppets) who sums up High Five’s mantra very well…


2 thoughts on “This Boy!

  1. While “This Boy” is the one who threw away the playbook we used with the other kids, he is pretty fantastic. And we discovered his last molar is just coming through, so those “off days” that stretch into weeks should be almost behind us for a while.

    Hope your soon-to-be 3 year old has a wonderful birthday! Also, consider playing “Three Is a Magic Number” if you need something more than luck on your side 🙂

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