Laundry on the Fly

Our rental houses or short term accommodations don’t always come equipped with laundry facilities. With three young kids that like to play in the dirt this can quickly add up to many hours spent in the local laundromat. That was until we discovered the MobileWasher – Hand Operating Washing MachineThis portable washing device received stellar reviews online and so we decided to order one when we were in Montana.


The Mobile Washer by no means replaces a standard electric washing machine. It takes some muscle power and some time out of your schedule. However, if you compare that time with driving to the laundromat and trying to distract three kids for an hour or so then the Mobile Washer wins big. As a traveling family what we love most about the Mobile Washer is that it unscrews into three separate pieces allowing us to tuck it away in one of our already cramped packing bins. In addition it can pretty much be used in any container that will hold a few inches of water. We have used it in pails, sinks and bathtubs (our favorite however, is a 5-Gallon bucket).


There are many reviews online that show people all over the world using the Mobile Washer and describing their tricks for success. Therefore, we won’t go into the specifics of how to clean your clothes with the Mobile Washer. We found that watching a few video reviews on YouTube helped us get an idea of the best ways to use the Mobile Washer. However, after a couple of months trying out our new laundry gadget we have come up with a few tips of our own.


Soak your clothes overnight. This will loosen up any dirt and make the time that you have to plunge shorter.

If at all possible get a wringing device. Squeezing water out of wet clothes can be a real pain. Using a mop wringer or an old fashioned crank wringer can be a lifesaver.

If possible dry your clothes outside or in a sunny spot. If your clothes sit wet for two long they will start to smell funky and then you will have to start the process all over again.

Don’t use too much detergent. You really don’t need more then a few tablespoons and the more you use the longer you will have to rinse your clothes to get it all out.

– Get the whole family in on the job. Kids can easily use the Mobile Washer and help with wringing out the clothes. Plus it makes them aware that there is no “Laundry Fairy” who magically cleans and puts their clothing away for them.


So, if you are traveling, camping for extended periods of time, or just sick of making the trek to the laundromat then we definitely recommend trying out the Mobile Washer. It gets the job done!


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