Our Superhero


Five Ball turned 5 today! Once again this year he wanted a superhero themed birthday party, so we all pulled out our capes and spent the day saving the world from the forces of evil. Last year he was on a Super Why! kick but this year it was all about Thor. The god of thunder was even kind enough to drop off a mini version of his hammer (Mjölnir) for Five Ball to use throughout the day. It worked great for bouncing balloons high up into the air.


As with the theme Five Ball’s birthday food choices are pretty predictable. He requests the same sticky buns and chocolate cookie cake every year. What is so great is that he thinks about these foods fondly throughout the whole year and then on his birthday he is absolutely overjoyed to be eating them. The only drawback is that sugar is his personal kryptonite, and he has to use all his super strength not to let these delicious birthday foods crash him.


Fighting hard not to let the sugary frosting take him down.

While he only has a superhero party once a year Five Ball is our superhero every single day. He has a deep sense of justice and of taking care of his family and the environment. He is always watching out for our safety and on the look-out for trouble. He is also a super hugger and gives some of the nicest compliments we have ever heard. He is a super baseball player, a super builder, and of course a super reader! We are all so thankful that 5 years ago today this superhero came flying into our lives.

Super White Blood Cell.


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