El Nopal: A Fun Place for Kids to Learn Spanish

[The Younger Fives share in their own words their thoughts about Spanish classes at El Nopal Academia de Español]

The Teachers (Five of Hearts):
El Nopal is a great place to learn Spanish. It is a great place to learn Spanish for adults but also a really great place for kids. Emily is our teacher. She is a great teacher, really fun and nice. She is the best.

Juan was also our teacher one time, and he was really great too. He is great at teaching and is very funny.

I like our class so much because it is fun and teaches you how to speak Spanish.


What Class is Like (Five Ball):
Class is pretty fun. We have really nice teachers. Every class we sing a song, then read a book, and then make a craft. We have sung Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas, y Pies (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) and Pulgarcito, Donde Estas? (Where is Thumbkin?).

For books we have read Margaret and Margarita and Salta, Ranita, Salta! (Jump, Little Frog, Jump!). We have made pictures of ourselves, food faces and monster pictures during crafts.

I feel great and excited when I learn Spanish!


Playing at El Nopal (High Five):
Before class, I like to play with my toys with the other kids. They share their toys too. We get to eat a yummy snack at Spanish class. I like to pack my own picnic for eating. I pack crackers and sesame butter.

At class a pink puppy [stuffed, of course] sits in my lap and barks at me. I can say “hola” and “adios” in Spanish!


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