The Best Present

She is definitely the best Christmas present that her father and I could have ever received and she turned 7 yesterday!!! However, every year we set aside the day after Christmas to celebrate her birthday and give her a truly special day just like we do with her brothers. The whole family agrees that Five of Hearts having a Christmas birthday is a great thing because instead of feeling a little sad that Christmas is over we all get to look forward to a really great birthday party the next day.


This year Five of Hearts decided to celebrate with a surfing themed birthday party. However, she didn’t want to go to the beach (have we been going to the beach too often lately?). Instead she wanted to stay close to home and hang out with her brothers in the backyard. While we didn’t do any swimming, we did listen to a lot of surf music and practice some surfing moves thanks to YouTube instructional videos. After eating a very large lunch of her favorite “make your own tacos” we all enjoyed sitting on the patio and reading through her presents, including a girls guide to surfing. Which will hopefully get us ready for a trip to a surf school for real lessons later this winter.


Fives of Hearts cake is always an interesting affair and this year it was no different. As the last of our closely packed birthdays we are always looking for something a bit different to end off our season of “cake eating”. This year’s creation, a beach themed ice cream cake, just barely made it to the table as the warm temperatures and not-so-cold freezer quickly melted the end result. Fortunately the LEGO minifigures were spared from sinking into a sugary quicksand and no one had any objections to eating their pieces quickly before further melting could occur.


All in all it was a very lovely day. While we still can’t quite get used to the fact that Five of Hearts is 7, we are so proud of every single second of her past seven years. From the newborn who came out alert and ready to explore the world, to our little girl who is constantly challenging herself. In just this year alone she submitted a top entry in a children’s film fest, mastered reading, and led us all up many hiking trails. We can’t wait to watch where this amazing girl will go in the future!



2 thoughts on “The Best Present

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes to those who recently had one (which I guess is all of us).

    The cake looked good but definitely was not easy to handle. All the best in the New Year!

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