The Season for Giving


Like many families, our end of the year tradition includes giving to charity. While we have picked out charities as a family for several years now, this was the first year everyone was ready to pick out their own organization. Gathering around the whiteboard on New Year’s Eve, we brainstormed the types of charities we each wanted to donate to. From there, internet research and Charity Navigator (an organization that rates charities based on how well they spend their money and on their transparency) helped each one of us find the exact organization to support. The kids also put their math skills to work as they helped figure out how much money was left after each person’s donation. It was a wonderful way to spend time together as a family and get into the spirit of giving for the New Year.


High Five: Arbor Day Foundation: Replanting Trees in National Forests
Why I Chose This Organization: I want to plant new trees in the United States. I like climbing them. I feel like Super Why with my dog Woofter to the rescue!
About the Organization (from their website): “Twenty-five years ago wildfires in our National Forests caught the attention of the American people like never before. And today, the need for replanting these trees is greater than ever. The impact of donations from Arbor Day Foundation members has been tremendous—replenishing these forests, providing wildlife habitat for endangered species and protecting the crystal clear waters of western rivers.”

Five Ball: Fauna and Flora International
Why I Chose This Organization: Nature is a part of us, so I wanted a charity that was really good for animals and the Earth.
About the Organization (from their website): “OUR VISION: A sustainable future for the planet, where biodiversity is effectively conserved by the people who live closest to it, supported by the global community.”

Five of Hearts: Save the Children, Syria
Why I Chose This Organization: Even though I know kids in La Paz are struggling, they still might have homes and families. In Syria there are guns everywhere, and kids might have lost their parents or might not have a home to go to that is safe.
About the Organization (from their website): “Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world what every child deserves – a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When disaster strikes, we put children’s needs first. We advocate for and achieve large-scale change for children. We save children’s lives. Join us.”

Five Spice: Women for Women
Why I Chose This Organization: After reading a book about World War II in Europe, I was really shocked about the extremely harsh conditions women faced, especially at the hands of the invading armies after the war was over. Lots of charities help while the conflict still rages, but I wanted to focus on a group dealing with the aftermath.
About the Organization (from their website): “Women for Women International provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies. We’re changing the world one woman at a time.”

Five String: Democracy Now!
Why I Chose This Organization: I turn to independent media (not supported by advertising and commercials) for my news and want to support the great work they do in bringing a more critical and in-depth look at what is going on in the world.
About the Organization (from their website): “Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S.”


5 thoughts on “The Season for Giving

  1. We did really find this to be an inspiring tradition for all of us. We did not fund raise this year, but that is a good idea for the future to have even more to give 🙂

  2. I love that they got to choose their own charities. P is probably old enough (at 5) to start doing the same. We should include him more next time. Our usual season of giving is around Chinese New Year because that’s when the companies pay their bonuses – it’s coming up in a few weeks so this is a timely post!

    • Involving the kids more kind of came together this year, but it really did work well. We also hope to check in with our charities about once a month to stay connected with the work they are doing. Chinese New Year is also a big celebration for us. It gives us a good opportunity to learn about a different culture we have never experienced first-hand.

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