¿Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Qué ves?

DSC02197-picsayAlthough our Spanish classes at El Nopal have been on hold for the holidays, we still have been getting in lots of good practice. Before break the Younger Fives’ teacher, Emily, prepared a wonderful activity based on Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Each of the kids received their own set of popsicle-stick puppets to color and a script of how to recite the story in Spanish. They all have been working very hard to memorize the parts, and the Older Fives have enjoyed daily puppet shows helping us practice our colors and animals.

While there is nothing like a live performance of “¿Oso Café, Oso Café, Qué Ves Ahí?” (tickets to go on sale soon), we wanted to give you the reader a chance to enjoy learning (or reviewing) some Spanish along with us. For those unfamiliar with the story, the first animal goes in the blank for the question, and the second animal goes in the blank for the answer. Then the question is asked again with the second animal, and the third animal goes in for the answer. When la maestra or los niños are in the answer, the personal “a” goes before the name. Finally, to be respectful we change “ves” to “ve” when we ask la maestra what she sees.


¿________, ________, qué ves ahí?
Veo un(a) ________ que mira a mí.

1. el oso café =  the brown  bear
2. el pájaro rojo = the red bird
3. el pato amarillo = the yellow  duck
4. el caballo azul =  the blue horse
5. la rana verde = the green frog
6. el gato morado = the purple cat
7. el perro blanco = the white dog
8. la oveja negra = the black sheep
9. el pez dorado = the gold fish

10. la maestra = the teacher
11. los niños = the kids
Veo a la maestra que mira a mí.
¿La maestra, la maestra, qué ve ahí?
Veo a los niños que miran a mí.



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