Coco Loco


As a family we are pretty passionate about playgrounds. We have romped on some wonderful playgrounds from Doylestown, Pennsylvania to Goose Cove, Newfoundland, but none are quite like the playground we found along the Malecón here in La Paz. To get there, drive along the Malecón east through town until you reach the Araiza Palmira Hotel on the right. The playground is just across the street.


A playground with a view of the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez is hard to beat. The Younger Fives loved the two huge, colorful structures with slides, climbing walls, and plenty of other elements. For the Older Fives, watching the waves break on the beach and boats sailing by were a welcomed addition to watching the kids zoom around from slide to slide.


The most unexpected and enjoyable surprise came at a shaded table at the restaurant just next to the playground. Five of Hearts has had her heart set on ordering fresh coconut water, and we saw the restaurant offered just that. Although we all enjoyed the adventure of sipping right out of a coconut, only Five String took a liking to it and consequently had the “opportunity” to finish the coconut water that no one else wanted. At least his potassium levels were all the better for it.


Peering around at some of the other tables, we noticed many were enjoying a scrumptious-looking plate of coconut covered in a red sauce. We soon gathered from our waiter that Coco Loco was the name of this popular dish, so we decided to give it a try. The waiter took away our now-empty coconut, and in a few minutes returned with the coconut flesh served back to us on a plate, accompanied by spicy date paste and Japanese peanuts, all covered in a spicy red fruit sauce (made out of passion fruit we think, but we’d love to hear if anyone knows what exactly what the sauce is or is called). The Younger Fives each took some good bites, but were mainly interested in squeezing lime juice onto the plate with the provided bowl of limes and juice squeezer. Five Spice and Five String were more than glad to pick up the slack, savoring every bite, a little sad though to finish off our new-found acquaintance, the crazy coconut.



2 thoughts on “Coco Loco

  1. Not sure how authentic they are, but the “Japanese” peanuts are pretty tasty, The name of the sauce is kind of driving us crazy…an excuse to go back and order the dish again 🙂

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