Pizza Para Todos


No matter where we travel, one dinner remains the same: pizza. Although we don’t eat dairy products, the beauty of pizza is how adaptable it is to accommodate any taste or incorporate any available ingredients. Starting with the simple yet delicious pizza dough recipe from Peas and Thank You by Sarah Matheny, Five Spice has whipped up some some pretty spectacular pies.


Here in La Paz there is no shortage of fresh pineapple, so naturally this ingredient has made its way onto our pizzas. Mixed with some crushed garbanzo beans and barbecue sauce (both easy to find in Baja), the combination makes for a very popular pizza. Five Spice also experimented with spreading sauteed garlic, olive oil, and nutritional yeast (something we haven’t been able to find in Mexico) for a base and covering the pizza with locally available vegetables. The results were well received by all.


One of the adventures of making pizza is getting the dough ready. The heat of the desert yields a much stickier, quicker rising dough then we have experienced before, but in the end a bit of extra flour tamed the dough and made it workable. If watching the Muppet Show has taught us anything, we realize we should feel fortunate that our struggle with the dough did not turn out much worse.


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