Our New Year’s Resolution: More Homework!

For the New Year, we made an important decision as a family. We still wanted to keep going with our classes at El Nopal Spanish, but we also wanted to visit only once per week to have more time at home for work and school. We talked things over with Juan and Marta, who were very accommodating as always, and they rearranged our schedule so that the Older Fives would each have private lessons on the day of the Younger Fives’ class. They also were willing to meet our other request, one that they don’t get too often: extra homework. With seven days in between classes, we wanted to be sure we stayed in practice all week long. 


While the Younger Fives’ class hasn’t changed too much, Five String and Five Spice have really loved the transition to private lessons. We did enjoy the group lessons we took last month, and it was comforting to be a part of a group working toward the same goal of improving their Spanish. However, we were both ready for the challenge of being the only one is class, which of course gives many more opportunities to speak and practice. It is pretty nice to be able to stop everything and review a troublesome concept on the spot, or to propose exactly what we would like to practice in coming weeks.


Five String even decided to create his own homework assignment after coming across the work of New Hampshire-based cartoonist, musician, and educator Marek Bennett. Marek is presently working with schoolchildren in Nicaragua, and he has request some help with translating some of the students’ comics. In order to learn more about Nicaragua (a place Five String and Five Spice visited after they first met) and practice his Spanish, Five String will be translating comics and having his teacher Marta review his work during class. All in all, this is a pretty fun way to practice Spanish.

Here are a few examples of the impressive comics the students in Nicaragua are creating about their beautiful country and the coffee harvest…

140116-nicaraguamia-18text-800x631Photo Credit

cafe-04-sugeli-bw-657x800Photo Credit

Being here in Mexico, our New Year’s resolution is your New Year’s resolution. If you are looking for an opportunity to practice your Spanish, learn about life in Nicaragua, and help out an awesome project, your chance is just a click away.


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