Béisbol y Biznaga

Our family walk is one of our favorite times of the day. We love exploring the surrounding areas of the places we rent, visiting with friends (like T and Bob in Mulegé), and just being together as a family. Sometimes though, a little baseball is just what we need to spice things up. Our affinity for playing ball in empty housing lots is no secret, and we always keep our eye out for promising “ball fields” on our walks. We recently found such a place just down the road called Bahia Vista; it was not only undeveloped (plenty of space to play) but also offered the promised bay view.



Through trail and error, we have found that plastic Easter eggs make excellent baseballs (among other forms of entertainment). There is, however, probably a reason they are not Major League Baseball approved. Five Spice hit a real rocket, and let’s just say the egg cracked under the pressure.


Fortunately, Five Spice came to the rescue with a spare baseball (a real one this time). As it was time to be heading home for dinner, she devised an ingenious game that required the kids to “bowl” the ball down the road and chase it full speed towards home. If there were a Nobel Prize for breakthroughs in the “science” of parenting, she definitely would have gotten the trip to Stockholm.




“Biznaga Bowling” (named for the fact that we were playing on Calle Biznaga, not that we were using biznaga cacti for the pins) was an unqualified success. The Younger Fives had a blast while making the best time home in recent memory, despite the many pitfalls of retrieving the ball from the washed out sections of the road.


By the time we reached the “home stretch” (or the “final frame”, depending on which sports metaphor you find more satisfying), the competition really heated up. The Younger Fives charged down the hill leading us back to our casita, trying to see how long they could get the ball to roll without stopping. All the while, Five String and Five String weren’t keeping track of who was ahead. When everyone is willingly rushing home to dinner and bedtime, we have no doubt about who the real winners are.


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