A Comic Walk Through the Arroyo


During our road trip across North America this past year, the Younger Fives have spent a lot of time pouring over the books in their fun bags. Collections of comics have always been a hot commodity in the backseat of the Mazda5. When we’re not in the car, comics often form a major part of our homeschool as well.

Through the great resource Free Technology for Teachers, teacher Richard Byrne has introduced us to some wonderful comics about topics ranging from world hunger to climate science and chemistry. The kids really look forward to the days when they can read about the lives of children in a remote Brazilian village or about the adventures of Selenia, a girl from another planet that can work chemistry magic in her classroom. They also have loved reading the comics students from Nicaragua have created about their lives (part of a Comics Exchange program led by cartoonist and educator Marek Bennett).


With all of these sources of inspiration, the Younger Fives finally starting creating some comics of their own. For their first topic they wanted to focus on a part of their daily life, so they all spent the morning making a comic about our daily walk through the arroyo (dry stream bed) near our rental here in La Paz, Mexico. We hope you have as much fun reading the comics and they had making them!


High Five, Age 3


Five Ball, Age 5. Click to see a larger image.


Five of Hearts, Age 7. Click to see a larger image.

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