Where to Recycle in La Paz, Mexico (Un Guía de Reciclaje)

We are happy to report the pile of glass, plastic, and metal in our closet is finally gone. We always sort out recycling and compost as we travel, but it often takes us a while to figure out exactly what to do with these items. Some places, like Prince Edward Island, Canada, make it easy by offering not only curbside recycling but also curbside composting.

Here in La Paz, we have finally tracked down the best places to recycle (places to compost, however, are nearly impossible to come by unless you have your own garden). The local office of Ecology Project International has a great list of recycling sites, but the directions can be somewhat confusing for those unfamiliar with the city.

To make finding the recycling sites easier, we have put together our own Google Map showing the locations, hours, and pictures of places to recycle in La Paz. We have personally visited each of these places, and the information is current as of 2014. Below you will find a quick snapshot of the best places to recycle each kind of item, but click the pictures or link above to find the exact location. Haga clic aquí para más información sobre reciclaje en La Paz.


Ecology Project International
Se acepta todos los tipos de vidrio / Accepts all kinds of glass.


Asociación Sudcaliforniana de Apoyo al Desarrollo Infantil A.C.
Se acepta todos los tipos de plásticos y tetrabriks / Accepts all kinds of plastic, plus aseptic juice and milk boxes.


Recicladora Salgo
Se acepta todos los tipos de metales / Accepts all kinds of metal, both returnable and non-returnable.

The only item we were not able to recycle was paper. The site listed on the EPI directory is no longer in business. However, we did hear that there is a large recycling center on the road from La Paz to Balandra Beach that accepts plastic and might also accept paper.

How do you handle recycling and/or composting when you travel? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Where to Recycle in La Paz, Mexico (Un Guía de Reciclaje)

  1. Thank you very much for posting this article! I have just started a non-profit, FUNdamentals for Change, to help a garbage dump community in Kingston, Jamaica. I have heard about Asociación Sudcaliforniana de Apoyo al Desarrollo Infantil A.C. and how they turn plastics into building materials. It sounds amazing and would love to learn how to transpose this idea to Jamaica. Do you happen to still have any contact information for their project? Thank you very much for your time! 🙂

    • Sorry to say we don’t have any contacts. They don’t have a web site or any online presence (as you may have already found out), so I could not find any information. The people there were very friendly, but we only stopped by a few times to drop off recyclables. Sounds like a very worthy cause you are working on; best of luck to you and the community with helping it move forward.

  2. We’ve just returned from a resort outside La Paz, and was curious about the status of recycling in the area. Thank you for the info, and for the good work you do. I’ll link this to my blog.

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