Return to Mulegé


It is very rare in our travels that we pass through the same town twice. So, it was with great excitement that we passed back through Mulegé, Mexico as we headed to our newest rental house. We all have very fond memories of the three weeks that we spent in Mulegé this past November, and we were all anxious to visit old friends and visit familiar places.


As we only had one night in town we chose to stay at the beautiful Hotel Hacienda situated right next to the town’s main square. The hotel has a lovely courtyard with gorgeous flowering trees and a very refreshing swimming pool. After cooling off in the pool we were all ready to take the familiar walk along the river and visit with some of our favorite Mulegé canines.




After reminiscing along the river bank we stopped off at the square to enjoy the festivities set up for the first night of Carnival. We were all a little sad to miss the big Carnival celebration in La Paz, but Mulegé helped ease the pain. The kids enjoyed spinning rides and trampolines while we all enjoyed the lively music. While our return to Mulegé was short lived it reminded us how truly special this town is!




2 thoughts on “Return to Mulegé

  1. We also rarely go back to the same place twice, sometimes I think it’s a shame but when there’s so much you want to see….. Can understand why you stopped again here though, it looks beautiful.

    • This just happened to work out since our only way out of Baja is the way we came down. It was one of those days that we didn’t plan out in any way, which made all the difference 🙂

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