Our Favorite Gray Whale Resources

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you may have noticed we are a bit whale obsessed. We promise this will (likely) be our last gray whale post. In studying their epic migration from the north shore of Alaska to the nursery lagoons in Baja California Mexico, we have have used several outstanding internet resources. The following sites are all highly-interactive and informative for the youngest to oldest members of the family.

Journey North

Journey North: Gray Whales
This has been our favorite site for learning about the gray whale migration in real time. There are maps for the current leg of the migration, and numerous slide shows to learn more about all aspects of gray whales, from feeding to behavior in the water. One of the best parts of the site is that they provide maps and data from observation points for several years into the past. This is a great opportunity to compare the number of whales sighted this year to past years, and also to make predictions based on past trends.



Jean-Michel Cousteau’s “The Gray Whale Obstacle Course”
As part of his PBS series Ocean Adventures, Jean-Michel Cousteau dedicated an entire episode to the gray whale migration and the many challenges they face along the way. The PBS web site has lots of useful resources that supplement the episode, including two games (Trace the Migration and Whale Watcher Game) as well as articles on how the whales navigate and how scientist tag the creatures in order to study them.



WDC Kidzone Whales
This was the Younger Fives’ favorite site of the group. They loved the activities and games teaching them about whale sounds, food chains, baleen, and the comparative size of the whales, and they enjoyed testing their knowledge by taking the quiz afterwards. There are also lots of activities geared towards schools and classrooms.


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Gray Whale Resources

  1. You have some great tools here for a unit study! I love the way you use the things about the place you are staying to teach your children… That’s true homeschooling! That’s what I always loved about being homeschooled.

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