Two In One Day!

Since we have started traveling Five of Hearts has kept the Tooth Fairy busy visiting us in a variety of locations. So far teeth have been collected from tents, hotel rooms, and rentals spanning from the Atlantic Maritimes to the American Southwest.

raton perez

However, once we arrived in Mexico we were all surprised to discover that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t make house calls south of the border. Instead she sends her helper Ratoncito, a small mouse, to collect the teeth. In La Paz Five of Hearts had the privilege of discovering the coins that Ratoncito left under her pillow after she lost a bottom tooth. However, she could never have imagined that here in Bahia Asuncion she would lose two top teeth in the same day (no bumps, bangs, or dentist assistance involved). I guess Ratoncito was pretty impressed because instead of coins under her head this morning she found paper money! 



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