Our Love of Dry Bags

Our time visiting the Baja Peninsula is quickly coming to a close and today we spent the day loading up the Mazda5 for our return to the United States. As we rounded up everyone’s possessions and negotiated about unnecessary baggage (how many shells, rocks, and sticks do we really need to take back with us?) we were reminded of how much we love dry bags.


Our love affair with these wonderfully adaptable, completely packable, waterproof bags started way back when Five of Hearts was a baby. We were looking for a bag to store dirty cloth diapers in when we went camping or traveling, and didn’t have immediate access to laundry facilities. Using a dry bag became the perfect solution as it kept both the wetness and odor completely sealed inside until we could run the diapers through a washing machine.


When we starting traveling full time and were in need of extra space in our overcrowded minivan we turned to dry bags again to store items on the back of our hitch platform. The dry bags easily clip to the supports of the hitch platform and keep everything bone dry, even after driving miles in rainstorms. At about the same time we realized that a mini dry bag was the perfect solution to keeping our cooler from becoming a watery mess. We just put the ice right inside the dry bag and when it melts the water stays in the bag instead of drenching our food.


Another one of our favorite uses for dry bags is as food storage containers. When camping and traveling we load all of our food into dry bags. They work great to protect food from wet conditions while camping. You can put the bags down on the soggy ground and not worry about ending up with damp or dirty bags. Dry bags also keep our food safe from insects, many of which we have encountered here in Mexico, but have never made it into our food thanks to the tight seal and impenetrable plastic of dry bags.


We could honestly go on for paragraphs about all the ways that we use dry bags. They are great for transporting wet bathing suits and sand toys as well as cameras, tablets, and wallets while at the beach or out in a boat. The best part is that a decent dry bag doesn’t have to break the bank. There are some really fancy versions out there with straps and extra features. However, we usually pay no more than $20 for a large bag and they last a really long time, just be careful not to drag them over rough surfaces as it will puncture the material. You can find dry bags at almost any sporting gear store or large box store. So, if you are in need of a great waterproof storage bag for any reason the Fives definitely recommend checking out dry bags and hopefully you will fall in love just like we did.


3 thoughts on “Our Love of Dry Bags

  1. Definitely! I’ve used those roll-up ziplock bags which are also great, but not as durable or versatile as these. Next time one wears out, I’m going to have to keep them in mind as replacements. I can certainly vouch for the niceness of waterproofing having once fallen into the sea with everything including my passport, phone, camera, etc. Luckily all safely zip locked away! Everything gets packed waterproof in this house.

    • The bulk of dry bags make them not quite as practical as luggage, but they sure do the trick strapped to the back of the car to increase storage space. We have found, though, that dragging them behind the car through a parking lot has a generally negative effect on their performance, Oops 🙂

      • Ooh, yes I can imagine.

        I was thinking that the bulkiness might be the downside, but the durability might mean they have a place as day packs (I’m sure I’ve seen them with a shoulder harness??) so perhaps one or two would be nice and stick to the zip locks elsewhere.

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