Jumping Back into the United States


After a long day, we have left the United States of Mexico (the actual official name being Estados Unidos Mexicanos) and are now back in the United States of America, ready to resume our Park Hoppers adventure of visiting national parks. We had a marvelous five months exploring the Baja peninsula and cannot wait to return to Mexico and visit the Yucatan peninsula for several months starting in May.

The border crossing at Tijuana went smoothly, and it really paid off to stay in Tijuana the night before (we were very impressed by the Palacio Azteca), cross on a weekend (no work-week commuter traffic), and get an early start (we left our hotel room at 4:40 AM). From here we will spend three weeks taking in Yosemite, Sequoia, and Joshua Tree National Parks. Before we get into camping mode though, we’ve decided to spend the night in Bakersfield, California (where exhaustion set in) and are making good use of the enormous pool here at the budget-friendly Days Inn.

It will certainly take us a little while to adjust to being back in the States (we’ve gotten some strange looks for automatically saying “Que le vaya bien” to the cashier as we left the grocery store), but we can’t wait to pitch our tent and spend some quality time outdoors. After living in the desert for so long, we can’t even begin to imagine how massive the sequoia trees will be tomorrow. But, in the end, we firmly believe jumping right in is the only way to go.

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