Palm Trees and Warm Sand


After a combination of snow and sickness prematurely ended our time in the High Sierras, we are happy to report we are in recovery mode in the warm waters and sunny skies of Desert Hot Springs, California. Not only is our home for the next few weeks a great place to pitch a tent and enjoy some family-friendly hot spring pools, but the location just outside of Joshua Tree National Park will give us many opportunities to explore the park itself..


The view of Joshua Tree National Park from our campsite.


Perhaps it’s the mineral rich waters (or maybe just that we are in a set place for more than a night), but the string of stomach bugs is (hopefully) finally coming to an end. We are looking forward to some memorable trips in and around Joshua Tree in the coming weeks, including rock-climbing, star-gazing, date farm touring. and lunar eclipse watching. After moving right along for almost two-straight weeks, it feels great to have some time to catch our breaths and explore the area in and around Joshua Tree at a more leisurely pace.


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