Tumbleweed Tales from Earth Day


Living in Las Vegas for the month before we take to the skies at the end of May, we have had to make some adjustments to our usual Earth Day tradition. In years past (in Maine), we have always taken a waterfall hike, but not surprisingly running water is hard to come by in the desert. Instead, we decided to get some good practice for life without a car and change our hike into a walk to our local grocery store about a half a mile away.



We all put on empty backpacks and strolled the back streets to arrive at Smith’s Food and Drug. Getting used to a new grocery store can be a little stressful, but we were relieved to find all the basic goods we need and were pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the staff. We found that 3 days worth of groceries to be a manageable amount, and after checking out we loaded everything into our five packs.



On the walk home the real adventure began. Crossing a vacant lot, we noticed the wind pick up and a massive ball of tumbleweed come speeding toward us. We quickly raced to the nearest street, but it was a clever one and followed in pursuit. Luckily, our Earth Day karma must have worked in our favor, and we all escaped without a scratch (but some cars parked on the street were not so lucky).

The rest of the day was not as eventful, but the Younger Fives enjoyed some refuge from the sun and wind to work on some Earth Day homeschool activities. This has been our first time out of the elements in over three weeks, and it is amazing how much more smoothly school goes when wind gusts are not scattering books and papers all over the place. The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge proved to give lots of great ideas, and we are trying out best to put the following tips into practice:

Five of Hearts: Turn up your thermostat in the desert.

Five Ball: Pick up trash.

High Five: Use windmills.

What are your Earth Day traditions? Do you have any favorite tips for living green?

5 thoughts on “Tumbleweed Tales from Earth Day

  1. I don’t have any Earth Day traditions, but we did accidentally happen upon an Earth Day Festival in Tokyo. It was amazing! The wonderful vegan and vegetarian food offered and earth saving products and information was fantastic. It was so much fun.
    I used to live in Las Vegas, have you checked out Mount Charleston? Its cooler up there and I hear has some nice places to explore. 🙂

  2. We have no Earth Day traditions (although P did try to insist we eat dinner in complete darkness this year) but I like the idea. Maybe we should think of some. Maybe when the kids are older and more trustworthy with their table manners it could even be eating in the dark.

    Can’t get over the size of that tumbleweed.

  3. We can hardly handle eating in the light, so we share your reservations 🙂 The tumbleweeds were pretty massive, easily larger than us. One car driving by, though, was fearless and drove right through it! The tumbleweed definitely took the worse of the encounter.

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