Playground Paradise


Our experience in Las Vegas so far hasn’t been the most typical one. Far from the glitz of the Strip, we have been spending our time pairing down on clothing, cookware, and camping gear in preparation to live without a car in the coming weeks. In between our walks to the grocery store and combing second-hand stores to find a few final items for our suitcases, there has been one constant: playgrounds.

While we can’t vouch for all of Las Vegas, we have found two pretty impressive (and free) playgrounds in North Las Vegas at Centennial and Aliante Parks. From modern, to old-school, to pre-historic, these playgrounds have it all, and we have been having a blast as a family chasing, sliding, and climbing. Here’s a glimpse at our own version of “letting it ride:”





6 thoughts on “Playground Paradise

  1. There are also some family hiking just outside of the city limits, and a museum of vintage pinball machines you can play (this one is for the adults as much as the kids), that we are hoping to check out. We’ll keep you posted if we do 🙂

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