Bellagio for Beginners


Staying in Las Vegas for over two weeks now, we have steered clear of The Strip. Until today, that is. With Nana Five joining us for a visit, we thought it was finally time to make the trip downtown and see a different side of Vegas. We did some research on free, family-friendly activities on The Strip, and three of the most appealing ones are housed at Bellagio. For our first trip downtown, then, we decided to take things slowly and focus our exploration here.




Our first stop was the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The display changes five times a year, and our visit came just a day before the current spring display is transformed into a summer theme. Impressive is definitely an understatement. The amount of flowers on display is truly mind-boggling, and the wonderful aroma is a refreshing change from the stale smell of cigarette smoke found in most places around The Strip. The overall attention to detail kept us all marveling at every sculpture and scene we came across, from caterpillars and ladybugs to a painting made entirely of live plants and flowers.




When we left the Conservatory to watch the show at the outdoor Fountains of Bellagio, we thought we had seen the best that Bellagio has to offer. We were wrong. The shows happen every half-hour and are quite the sight to see. Each one is a choreographed display of water and music, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that each show is different. The height and power of the fountains is pretty amazing, and at times it sounded more like fireworks than water.

DSC03707-picsayWe ended our excursion with a visit to the world’s largest chocolate fountain back inside. Unfortunately, thick glass prevented us from sampling any of the flowing chocolate, but our taste buds made some pretty realistic guesses at what the three types would taste like. While The Strip is best known as a playground for adults, the fountains and flowers at Bellagio convinced us that this part of Vegas can also be an amazing experience for all members of the family. Entranced by these wonderful examples of imagination given form, we were content to let our minds fill in what the rest of Bellagio and The Strip would be like.


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