The Secret to Recycling in Las Vegas

During our first few weeks at our rental house in Las Vegas we were surprised not to find any recycling bins near the trash containers. We figured that there had to be recycling services in such a large city. Seeing as we were going to be here for a month we began collecting all of our recyclable materials in the garage and figured that as we explored the city we were sure to find a place where we could recycle.


As the month slipped away and the recycling piled up we still hadn’t come across any roll-away bins or drop-off recycling centers. Finally after sitting down to a bit of Internet research we found posts from a few people that had luck dropping off their household recycling at Republic Services located at 333 W Gowan Rd in North Las Vegas.


Today as we loaded the back of our rental van with a month’s worth of recycling we were really hoping that Republic Services would pan out and not send us away. Fortunately dropping off our recycling couldn’t have been easier. We were met by a friendly employee who directed us towards several clearly marked blue bins where we could deposit our recycling. After some quick sorting we were on our way, happy that we had cracked the secret to recycling in Las Vegas.

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Recycling in Las Vegas

    • Small world 🙂 We aren’t always as good about recycling as we would like, either. Some places make it easy enough, but we definitely have a threshold where we can only try some much.

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