One of the Best for Last


Since we started traveling as a family we have visited ten of America’s National Parks. However, there are so many more that are still on our bucket list. Some will have to wait for another day, but one park that we all really wanted to explore before we left the U.S. was Zion National Park in Utah. A fellow blogger Kirstencan had posted about her family’s visit to Zion and it looked like one park not to miss. However, while in the area this past November we ran into snow and had to hurry south before we had a chance to make it to Zion.


So, when we ended up with a rental in Las Vegas for the month we were super excited to find out that Zion National Park was only about a 2 hours drive away. While Nana Five was here this past week we blocked off a few days just for visiting the park. It turns out that the wait was well worth it, and Zion National Park now ranks up there as one of our top favorite National Parks.


While we didn’t have weeks to explore the entire park and hit all the trails we still felt like we were able to get a really good overview of Zion in just two days. Our favorite hikes were the short but steep trail to Weeping Garden, the refreshingly cool River Walk, and the varied terrain and amazing vista of the Canyon Overlook trail. By far the kids most enjoyed playing along the Virgin River. They would have happily dug in the sand all day and none of us minded taking in the beauty of the park as we dipped our toes in the cold water. Another family favorite was the drive through the tunnel to the eastern section of the park where we all had a blast watching Big Horn Sheep and scrambling on the beautifully colored sandstone formations.


We found Zion National Park to be very well organized, and even with all of the other visitors it didn’t feel crowded. The shuttle bus service through the canyon really helped alleviate traffic and it acted as a nice break for tired legs in between hikes. The windows of the shuttle bus offer exceptional views and there is a pre-recorded tour that gives great information about the parks history and features. Overall Zion National Park proved well worth the wait and we highly recommend putting it on your to-visit-list.


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