Church in the Clouds


An adventure begins where the pedestrian street of Real de Guadalupe ends. We have wandered down this very popular street many times during our two weeks in San Cristóbal de las Casas but never ventured past the shops and restaurants to explore what lies beyond. Today, on our “Excursion Day” (we recently implemented a rotating schedule of work, excursion, and family fun days), we put on our hiking boots to visit La Iglesia del Cerro de Guadalupe.

Built in 1835, the church sits atop a hill on the outskirts of the downtown area. We began our climb by guessing how many steps it would take to get to the top. It turns out that age does not necessarily bring wisdom, and Five of Hearts had the best guess (her guess of 71 was the closest to the real number of steps, 80). From the top we enjoyed a beautiful view of San Cristóbal, explored the church’s courtyard, and found a secret path back down that avoided the steps all together. One church explored; just 22 more to go 🙂


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