Two Minute Treats

Our family is really spoiled when it comes to baked goods. I love to bake and being vegan and having a child with food allergies, I find it easier to make all of our own breads, muffins, cookies, etc. However, for some reason we booked a rental house for a month that doesn’t have an oven (everyone is blaming Dad for this slip-up). I think that maybe at the time we figured that we have camped for long periods without an oven and survived. The only problem being that here in Mexico it isn’t so easy to find vegan and allergy friendly food. There are many bakeries (panaderias) but most every item contains milk or butter, and if not then it is usually always topped with an egg glaze. The more traditional supermarkets offer sandwich bread and a huge assortment of cookies (galletas) but again these either contain animal products or high fructose corn syrup, and often food dyes.



For the past few weeks the kids have been craving a treat. Their little mouths drooling as we pass delicious looking baked goods at the market that they can’t have. So finally, I looked around the kitchen and decided that the microwave might work as a substitute for our baking needs. Our rental doesn’t offer much in the way of microwave friendly dishes but it does have tea cups that I figured could do in a pinch with the right recipe. Surprisingly it turns out that there is actually a large number of vegan friendly microwave recipes on the Internet.



The kids picked out two to try and both were pretty successful. The first was for a 3-Minute Microwave Brownie that we found on the blog Vegan Heartland. We haven’t been able to find coconut oil in San Cristóbal de las Casas so we substituted part olive oil and the other part applesauce. We also added a dash of baking powder to help it rise, but it probably didn’t need this considering a couple overflowed. The second recipe we tried was for a microwave oatmeal cookie that we found on the blog Living Well Kitchen. Both recipes were huge hits with the Younger Fives, happily devouring every bite. I definitely wouldn’t say that these treats rival what can come out of an oven, but in a pinch they work fine and will keep the kids happy until we get to Mérida where we all can’t wait to fire up the oven and get to baking.



5 thoughts on “Two Minute Treats

  1. We don’t have ovens in Thailand (a few people do, but not many that is) so I do not get to bake often. We do have a microwave though, so maybe I will have to make these.

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