Making Our Picks


Our family has been eagerly awaiting the start of the 2014 World Cup (Mundial)! Not only are we all big fans of the sport but a tournament like the World Cup is a great way to bone up on our world geography. As a lead up to the start of today’s tournament we have spent homeschool time learning about the participating countries and other issues surrounding the World Cup. Not to leave female soccer athletes out of the excitement we have been watching the wonderful documentary Dare to Dream on YouTube and discussing the history of women’s soccer.


However, each one of us Fives has been most excited to pick who we think will win each match. Five String made up a wonderful spreadsheet with the kids that will track each member of the family’s winning picks and award points for correct choices. We have set aside $25 to use on e-media. At the end of the tournament we will add up everyone’s points and based on how many correct picks each person made they will be given money from the pot to purchase an e-book, mp3, or video rental. This morning we sat down around the spreadsheet and made our picks for the group play portion of the tournament.

DSC04117 (375x500)

Fives World Cup

Usually we are without TV in our rentals but the stars have aligned for the 2014 World Cup and we will actually have cable TV access for the duration of the tournament. The kids are already hard at work making flags and posters to cheer on their favorite teams (Italy, Greece, and Brazil). Who are your top picks for the 2014 World Cup?

14 thoughts on “Making Our Picks

    • Sorry to hear that. We usually are without TV and resort to the internet for trying to watch international sporting events. Having an actual TV is a lot less stressful 🙂

  1. Well, being a retired soccer coach, I am a bit embarrased that I don’t know who is in the tournament this year. BUT, if I did – my pick would have to be Paraguay as I had the opportunity to go there with the National Guard and work with and meet some of the people there. They LOVE their soccer and I believe they may have been a top contender in years past.
    PS: I am definitely going to do my World Cup homework now and report back.

  2. Well after some very quick research, I do not see Paraguay in the mix.
    So now I have a tough decision Bosnia or USA.
    USA has had a great year and I also had a great opportunity to visit Bosnia when I was with the National Guard. Oh Boy – choices.
    OK, I will go with good old USA.

  3. World Cup fever is alive and well here in England!
    Although I have watched and rooted for the USA team in the past, I am more about just watching the games.
    Maybe you know if Thailand has a team? If they do I will probably be rooting for them as we will be there. 🙂

      • There’s been much talk since we have been visiting… And decorations. I guess I will still cheer on the USA since Thailand didn’t qualify. 🙂

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