Off with a Bang

Our Father’s Day started very early this morning with canon blasts going off in rapid succession before the roosters started crowing, which in San Cristóbal de las Casas is very early. It turns out that Día del Padre is a pretty big deal here in Mexico. Families gather, fireworks are set off, and stores close down.



Our family’s Father’s Day was pretty laid back thanks to the World Cup. Five String was more than happy to spend the day watching futbol. The Switzerland versus Ecuador match ended up being one of the most exciting that we have seen so far.


Combine that with vegan microwave brownies, a game of catch on the patio, lots of homemade gifts and the day was a success. Five Spice could have done without the pre-dawn wake-up, but it sure made this day memorable. We hope that your Father’s Day festivities were memorable as well!


2 thoughts on “Off with a Bang

    • It was a bit of a surprise. We went to refill our drinking water jug only to found everything closed. When we asked someone on the street if they knew why, they responded it was Dia del Padre. We knew that 🙂

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