Slip Slidin’ Away at the Parque Infantil


The rains here in San Cristóbal de las Casas have been off and on, but we have made the most of the dry spells to get outside and explore the city. We had heard about a large playground at the western edge of the city and decided to walk across town to check it out. The Parque de Convivencia Infantil (located on the Pereferico Norte Poniente, 1 block south of the Pemex Station) did not disappoint; while the puddles were plentiful, the great collection of slides and climbing structures made us at least feel all warm and sunny.

Tips for Your Visit:
* The Park is closed on Mondays, and opens at 10:00 all other days. The opening time is definitely not set in stone (it didn’t open until 11:15 the day we visited), so you may have to wait a little for the gate to open.
* While we did walk to the playground from our apartment, it was a long and exhaust-filled walk. We gladly shelled out the 30 pesos for the cab home and would use the cab both ways the next time we visit.
* The entrance cost, for both adults and children, is 2 pesos per person.

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