Lost in the English Library


Time has been flying for us here in Mérida. Maybe this is due to the excitement of exploring a new city full of family-friendly cultural events. Or maybe it is the joy of having our own oasis in the middle of the city, with plenty of space inside and out to live and play. The most likely reason, though, is that we have found the Merida English Library and have been lost in a world of wonderful books, both old favorites and new titles alike.


The non-profit library, with a sizable collection of over 12,000 books, is more than just a library. It also hosts a variety of cultural and community events, and behind the library is a spacious garden courtyard that provides an ideal space to curl up with a book or connect with others. The big draw for us, however, is the family membership that allows us each to check out five books at a time. In the process of reaching our check-out limit each visit, we have explored just about every section of the library (children’s fiction and nonfiction, young adult, Yucatan and Mayan resources, general nonfiction, fiction) and wish we had more than 3 months to check out all the books we’d like to read.


DSC04348-picsayOf course, with great borrowing power comes great responsibility, and we have had to dig deep into our reserves of self-control to limit ourselves to just two visits a week. Living just a few blocks away, we could easily let the summer slip away surrounded by paperbacks and hand puppets. With so much to explore here in Mérida, we have to be strong not to let that happen. Wish us luck 🙂



2 thoughts on “Lost in the English Library

  1. Oh I do so miss English libraries. I have just decided that I am going to start buying used books and then trading them in at the used book stores… I need the feeling of a real book in my hands, my kindle is just not doing it for me anymore.

  2. There is definitely nothing like a real book! While we do have a Kindle, we also pick up our fair share of books and sell or donate them when we leave a place. Not very practical from a travelling standpoint, but none of us seem to mind 🙂

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