Take Me Out to the Ballgame


Five Ball stunned after an amazing triple play!

We have had some pretty memorable baseball experiences during our time in Mexico. We all fondly remember our impromptu games, usually taking place in unusual locations including a never-completed resort name Shang(r)i-La and a makeshift field of dreams sporting a large number of cacti in the outfield. However, there is nothing quite like sitting back and enjoying a game of professional baseball, and we recently did just that as we watched the Leones de Yucatán (Yucatán Lions) play in a doubleheader against the rival team from Tabasco.



The game was a pretty cool cultural experience, and the scoreboard alone increased our Spanish baseball vocabulary exponentially. We also lucked out that we visited on a night where women and children were free, so we ended up with great field-side seats right of the third base line for less than $10 total.


When our interested started to taper off in the third inning, stadium food and team mascots came to the rescue. While we did not opt for ordering a pizza or TGI Fridays takeout from our seat (both popular options), we did buy some bags of popcorn and enjoy some vegan sourdough pretzels Five Spice had whipped up before the game.


In the end, the three different mascots were what made the game for the Younger Fives. The ball player, lion, and pelican worked the field and the stands from the third inning onward, and their humorous antics made the time fly. We must confess that we didn’t make it through the entire doubleheader (we left before the end of the first game), but nonetheless it was a night to remember. Plus, as a bonus, we’d like to think we made at least one new friend in Mérida, albeit he doesn’t too say much. 


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